The Elusiveness of Inspiration

When first trying to decide what I wanted to write a blog about I found myself having a hard time thinking of something I felt passionate enough that I would want to share. So, I started reading things, other blogs specifically to help find some motivation. That’s when the idea hit me, I love to read.

I find the greatest excitement in reading to be the complete lack of boundaries when exploring.

There truly is something for everyone, or everything for someone. From your standard words on paper to the more dynamic graphic novel form ideas are approached in every way. You are sharing in an infinite universe of ideas.

At the least reading affords me a fulfilling use of my time, at best it inspires. I may never have gone to Spain to experience the excitement of the Festival of San Fermín had I never read Ernest Hemingway’s classic, The Sun Also Rises. Being exposed to the latter half of that story as well as other Hemingway works gave me the vision that led to an amazing experience shared with friends as we travelled around Spain, culminating with taking part in the running of the bulls.

Inspiration is a huge part of what I find so appealing in being such an avid reader. My mind is always grasping at different concepts and the nearly unlimited source of ideas that reading provides keeps me motivated and engaged.

Hopefully the inspiration is contagious.

For fun, here’s what kind of crazy, yet absolutely awesome things an idea planted from a book can make you do…