The Race to Fitness

At one time in my life I was actually a pretty fit runner. Getting up off the couch and hitting the trails for a 10-miler wasn’t out of the ordinary and I actually looked forward to as an integral part of my day.

Of course, things changed drastically as I got older and there’s a definite lack of motivation to find the time to get out and push myself.

Inspiration, as with everything, is a strong ally and like just about anything I can and have easily found a valuable source to be in reading.

Once a Runner is a specific book that has been a great motivator for me. 

Considered by many runners to be one of the greatest books about the love of the sport; it is actually a work of fiction that follows a runner in his attempt to break the vaunted 4-minute mile.

John L. Parker writes with such textual clarity that resonates as strongly for everyone from your most hardcore athlete down to the casual jogger. There are moments, even now after having read it a number of times, which I get chills and my heart starts racing as I work my way through a chapter.

It’s a staple that I can always look back to along with other titles like Running With the Buffaloes, the Perfect Mile, and Pre.

Sometimes the old standby can get stale, however, and of course with the rise of social media there are new outlets to find inspiration and Twitter has become a valuable source of mine.

I follow a number of fitness motivated handles such as @menshealthmag, @runnersworld and @active.

All three keep a pretty active stream of tweets daily, presenting their followers with articles, advice and sometimes products to keep them motivated to maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

They encourage followers to interact, promote dialogue and present a community atmosphere in which you can always find comfort among others who value fitness and can always empathize as well as push you to keep working.

Everyone can use that little push sometimes and there are plenty of place to get it. When we find something that motivates us it can become valuable and something we cherish and it’s comforting to know that there is always more information out there being added.

Where do you find your inspiration?